What's cooking got to do with security?


Mise en place.

Perhaps you have a love affair with cooking and you already know the term. Or you’re a sucker for those travelling foodie channels and you’ve heard of it. Or you’re French.

Literally translated to “put in place,” it means all the ingredients and tools to make your dish are within arm’s reach so you can efficiently execute without wasting time measuring or searching for that spatula that always goes missing right when you need it.

Security is often in need of mise en place. In fact, there are many parallels between security and cooking.


giphy(see what we did there?)

Whether you’re planning a multi-course meal, or you’re building your techstack from the ground up, you’ll need to have a vision and build towards it. Just as awful as choosing flavors that just don’t jive, selecting software as point solutions that don’t integrate with a bigger ecosystem can create loads of technical debt that ultimately get in the way of agility and speed.

Ingredients & Tools

There will always be some staples that don’t really vary in quality. Then there will be the influence of personal preference (i.e. organic or not). And then there are a few key ingredients where quality really makes a difference, like your cut of meat or the type of flour you use.

giphy-1And as with every recipe, understanding what ingredients could substitute for others is always helpful, especially if you have special diets to cook for, or allergies to take into consideration.

Don’t forget to get yourself some good tools - while the use of a tool wildly depends on the skill of the handler, at least get the basics. A sharp knife will always cut better than a dull knife. If you cook often, getting a knife that stays sharp longer would probably be worth the investment.

The same goes with security tools. You will go through internal meetings to understand what your organization needs, and you’ll go through evaluation cycles with vendors to see if their solutions meet your needs. The point is, though, to gather your ingredients and your tools to be prepared to execute the task at hand. Mise en place your security architecture.

Leveling Up to Master Chef


As you build your ecosystem, you’ll need to understand how your cyber assets relate to each other, just as spices and flavors mingle and delight in new ways. As a chef understands the properties of spices and ingredients through exploring their various combinations, security professionals will better understand the richness of the context in their ecosystem by pulling their siloed systems into one mixing bowl of cyber assets, with relationships automatically mapped (hint: JupiterOne does this).

As a chef’s skill with flavors and timing improves, so does a security team’s ability to act on changes within their environments. The visibility and exploration produces a level of predictability and stability to respond and proactively protect their cyber assets.

Invigorate and Share the Passion

Chefs often enjoy not only serving great food, but also sharing the joy of creating such wonderful flavors. We enjoy what we do here at JupiterOne and want our customers (and employees) to enjoy their day-to-day too – that’s why we want to simplify security and tap into that explorer and tinkerer that lives in all of us.

We recently hosted a private event blending these two areas of specialty - a live cooking demonstration with Food Network celebrity chef Kathy Fang for over a dozen CISOs and senior security executives. It was such a fun event and we are grateful for the memories!

mongolian-beef-cooking-event  cooking-event-box-xs

If you’re a security executive who’d like to get on the list for the next one, let us know by email! And if you want to see how JupiterOne helps you explore the relationships across traditionally siloed systems, start your free account below and request access to sample data during the onboarding process.


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