May the Fourth Be With You


In case you missed the news, May the 4th was a BIG day in the JupiterOne universe! Here is a wrap up of today's news and some of our favorite memes.


Why So Many Memes?

Memes help us celebrate wins and convey the witticism that text alone can't quite carry. They are the perfect medium to tap into the creativity of all team members, not just designers or brand marketers. They also present an opportunity to have our fandom and passion for our work collide in strikingly honest quips.

In preparing for this big day, we engaged all of JupiterOne in a meme contest, challenging our team to produce a stream of Star Wars themed memes to commemorate our Series B funding. Marrying our team's love of Star Wars, all things space-related, JupiterOne and high-quality memes (seriously, you should see our company Slack channels), we think we came up with a pretty good mix. Our team member, Ben Zimmerman, even created his own special effects video featuring ultra-secret J1 swag!




JupiterOne in the News...

Here is a quick round-up of the coverage surrounding our big funding announcement.J1_Ambassador Hunter @2x

A Smarter Way to Fight Cybercrime: Why We're Proud to Lead JupiterOne's Series B | Anders Ranum, Sapphire Ventures
We are excited to welcome Sapphire Ventures as our lead Series B investor! With their backing, we are more prepared than ever to help companies gain visibility and context into their entire cyber asset universe. Check out the blog to see why Sapphire decided to partner with us!

Fortune's Term Sheet Round-Up | Fortune 

JupiterOne made Fortune's round-up of recent term sheet closings, along with with Vast Data's $83M series D funding and Crayon's $22M series B funding. 

JupiterOne Nabs $30M to Help Companies Manage Cybersecurity Data | VentureBeat
"According to a 2019 Deloitte survey, executives spend 13% of their time addressing cyber monitoring and operation challenges. Despite this, relatively few businesses are proactive about asset management." JupiterOne is here to bring clarity to your cyber asset universe by providing a graphical view of context to your vulnerabilities and simplifying cyber asset management. 

J1's Fast Growth Bolstered By $30M Series B Funding | JupiterOne
Less than 9 months after our series A closing, we have raised another $30M in series B funding! We'll be using this fresh round of funding to grow our engineering, product development, and go-to-market capabilities. We plan to double our staff size in 2021, so if you are ready to join this amazing team, we want to hear from you!  And if you want to know why J1 employees love working at JupiterOne, take a look at this video:



May the Fourth be with You!



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