Video: Evidence Collection with the Compliance App

For compliance purposes, whether going through an external audit or for an internal initiative, it will be required to demonstrate to auditors or other stakeholders that compliance frameworks and controls are operating effectively by providing evidence of the control’s operating effectiveness.

The benefit of using JupiterOne Compliance App for evidence collection is that once the queries are configured, JupiterOne will provide near real-time continuous monitoring of compliance. J1 will automate the evidence collection and output for external audit purposes. 



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Posted By George Tang

I possess extensive senior information security leadership experience from serving hundreds of clients by assessing, designing, and implementing security + enterprise risk management programs. I assess + advise companies (from Fortune 5 to pre-seed startups) on their businesses', products', and environments’ security architectures. Additionally, I own a rare blend of technical subject matter expertise within the cloud technology space across the major hyperscale cloud service providers, i.e., AWS, Azure, GCP, specifically within the infrastructure security domain. Background: information security, cloud security, cyber security, governance/risk/compliance, assessments + advisory, risk management/risk assessment.

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