SINET 16 Awards Winner: JupiterOne


We are honored to receive this significant industry recognition as the  2021 SINET 16 Innovators Award winner.  We know that the market competition is fierce, so we are very proud of our whole team’s work to achieve this distinction.

This prestigious award recognizes companies that have the most innovative and compelling technologies in their fields to address cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. 

It is inspiring and motivating to receive recognition for all the hard work the team at JupiterOne has put into building a platform to help our customers solve real-world problems in the cybersecurity landscape. Our unique approach focuses on connecting people, processes, and technology to help them understand that security is a fundamental right for all. In addition, we will continue to deliver product innovation to help our customers address the crucial issues of cyber asset visibility, management, and governance.

SINET, an organization that works to accelerate cybersecurity innovation through public-private partnerships, chose the winners after reviewing more than 190 applicants from 18 countries worldwide. The SINET Judging Committee comprised 117 private and government security professionals, including risk executives, government intelligence and defense agencies, venture capitalists, and investment bankers.

Read the full press release for the details.

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Posted By JupiterOne Team

The JupiterOne Team is a diverse set of engineers and developers who are working on the next generation of cyber asset visibility and monitoring.

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