New Integrations: G Suite & Veracode

We are excited to announce JupiterOne’s latest integrations with G Suite and Veracode in an ongoing effort to centralize and simplify security operations, helping organizations navigate the increasing complexity of their digital environments.

Did you know you could search for G Suite users and their access levels across your digital environment in JupiterOne? See for yourself.

Test Drive the Integrations

G Suite Integration

JupiterOne now adds single sign-on integration for organizations leveraging G Suite as their SSO. Similar to the existing integration with Okta, security and operations teams are now able to leverage JupiterOne’s relationship-based graph model to connect the dots between activities, changes and vulnerabilities in their environment with users and their access, while also being able to ensure compliance against various cybersecurity frameworks.

Why build a G Suite Integration? G Suite continues to grow its client base, a recent article noting that the platform has more than doubled its user base of paying customers to more than 4 million and generating revenues of more than $1.5 billion. While Microsoft maintains a stranglehold on the business productivity tools environment, Google continues to grow its penetration, especially with early adopters and cloud-native organizations, an audience that aligns highly with JupiterOne.

On top of that, single sign-on adoption continues to grow as companies look to the convenience offered by SSO to manage multiple applications as well as domains and boost productivity along with helping the IT department and administrators to manage multiple accounts for numerous users.

Veracode Integration

JupiterOne also adds integration with Veracode, which provides a unified platform to assess and improve the security of applications from the first line of code. Coupled with JupiterOne’s relationship-based data model and organizations are now able to see who authored potential vulnerabilities for speedier remediation.

This ups the game when it comes to laying the foundation of JupiterOne’s intelligent alerts, which use relationships and context to notify those who have ownership and/or can take action to correct an issue rather than notifying anyone and everyone.

Why build a Veracode Integration? 4 out of 5 web applications contain at least one security bug according to a 2018 survey, with insecure code becoming a leading security and overall business risk for software companies. Catching these vulnerabilities early on drastically improves productivity and output for development teams, as well as simply making things safer for end users. Veracode helps organizations in this endeavor so it made sense to layer this technology into the fold with JupiterOne.

Making Sense of the Complexity

With the addition of the G Suite and Veracode integrations, JupiterOne further helps organizations navigate the growing complexity of their digital environment by allowing teams to ask simple questions and receive robust answers. From identifying and plotting changes to verifying compliance and detecting vulnerabilities, security operations teams can spend less time assembling various data points to make sense of an alert and its potential impact and more time remediating concerns.

Interested in seeing how JupiterOne can simplify your security operations or streamline the path to compliance? Start your free trial today.


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