JupiterOne + Splunk = Greater Visibility and Context to Optimize Security Operations

Good news for JupiterOne and Splunk users! Our companies have joined forces to help make the cyber-world a safer place. This partnership gives our customers the ability to extend the reach of their investigations into cloud-native technologies, providing greater visibility into the data, events, and assets in their cloud ecosystems. Super cool, right?

That’s not all. The integration combines Splunk’s search, analysis, and visualization of event data for actionable insights with JupiterOne’s graph data model to expose the complex relationships between cyber assets. This gives our customers both situational (event logs and activity) and structural (configurations and correlation) context, which they can use to:

  • Improve decision-making to accelerate incident response 
  • Automate remediation with reliable accuracy
  • Conduct thorough investigations to understand when, how, and what assets were impacted

Together, JupiterOne and Splunk grant you the ability to focus on what is going on and where it’s going on, giving you super-powers such as:

  • Greater cyber asset visibility. JupiterOne offers contextual data about cloud-native environments, ephemeral assets, users, and more, adding on Splunk’s event-based data for increased visibility and understanding of your cyber asset ecosystem
  • Smarter response to incidents. JupiterOne builds on Splunk’s detection and response capabilities by adding structural awareness and providing richer data to optimize alerting and improving the depth of your investigation and querying results.
  • Ability to identify security and compliance gaps. With JupiterOne, customers can rapidly detect cloud misconfigurations and compliance drift, ultimately uncovering security risks that they can then address in Splunk.



This is great but HOW do I take advantage of this integration?

I’m glad you asked :) Simply Install the JupiterOne Add-on and JupiterOne App and link your JupiterOne account. It’s that simple!

For a full run-down on the how-to, visit our AskJ1 Community Page: Splunk + J1


How can I find more information on this partnership?

We have created a couple of assets to help you get a better understanding of this new integration.


A couple comments from our leaders

Erkang Zheng, Founder and CEO at JupiterOne
“Context is essential for sound security decision making. By adding context from JupiterOne about an organization’s complex cyber assets relationships to the situational awareness they get from Splunk, users can take action on incidents and meaningfully reduce risk. We believe that connecting Splunk’s event data with JupiterOne’s structural data in this way will become the future of real-time and contextual security, and this unique combination will provide a powerful market differentiator.”

Jane Wong, Vice President of Security Products at Splunk
"Splunk Security Cloud combines advanced security analytics, streamlined security operations, and an open and thriving ecosystem. It brings together Splunk's and our partners' industry-leading security solutions to help our customers securely embrace digital transformation and security operations center modernization. Through our collaboration with JupiterOne, we will offer our customers deeper insights about their cyber assets to provide new and advanced security protections.”

Questions? Contact the JupiterOne Partner team - partners@jupiterone.com

Posted By Jenn Cardamone

Jenn Cardamone is Senior Manager of Partner Marketing at JupiterOne. She likes to say she was 'born in the channel.' With over a decade of experience in cybersecurity partner marketing at leading companies like FireEye, ProofPoint, Cisco, and Skybox Security. Her most recent accomplishment was being named one of CRN's Women of the Channel. She is passionate about driving results for our global partner ecosystem.