JupiterOne Founder Named Top 25 Cyber CEO of 2021


We just received the awesome news that JupiterOne Founder and Chief Executive Erkang Zheng has been selected as one of The Top 25 Cybersecurity CEOs of 2021 by The Software Report

TSR Top 25 Cybersecurity CEO

This industry recognition is well-earned for Erkang, our low-key leader and a self-professed graph geek who doubles as a superb technologist and cybersecurity evangelist. After years of working in diverse domains from identity and access, penetration testing and incident response, to data, application and cloud security, Erkang had his aha moment insight: "The security market lacked a singular cloud-native, cyber asset governance platform solution.”

This central question drove Erkang to launch JupiterOne. His steady vision and focus inspired the JupiterOne team to build an integrated solution from the ground up that provides complete visibility into the security and compliance of an enterprise’s entire universe of cyber assets. 

The Software Report compiles its annual list of the Top 25 Cybersecurity CEOs to highlight industry leaders who have made important breakthroughs and achieved notable success in the past year, based on feedback from professionals across the security sector. The Software Report publishes a regular email newsletter from New York City that reaches more than 28,000 industry professionals, including software executives, investors, and consultants.

The whole JupiterOne crew proudly tips its collective hat to Erkang for his well-deserved placement on The Software Report’s Top 25 CEO list.


Posted By JupiterOne Team

The JupiterOne Team is a diverse set of engineers and developers who are working on the next generation of cyber asset visibility and monitoring.

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