JupiterOne Achieves $1B+ Valuation with $70M Series C: The Next Step in Our Journey

It’s a big day for us here at JupiterOne. We just closed a $70M Series C funding round, achieving a $1B+ valuation, and welcomed new investors to the JupiterOne community. Tribe Capital led the round with participation from new investors: Intel Capital and Alpha Square Group, and existing investors Sapphire, Bain Capital Ventures, Cisco Investments, and Splunk Ventures.

This milestone is also a great vote of confidence for our vision when we started the company. It’s the beginning of significant product, partner, and team investments that we hope will make the JupiterOne offering even more helpful for all of our users.


How We Got Here 

When JupiterOne was founded in 2020, we had an ambitious vision, to help companies explore, understand and secure their increasingly complex cyber asset universe. Through the JupiterOne cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM) platform, we hoped to serve as the foundation upon which organizations could build their cybersecurity program. 

JupiterOne has been a trailblazer from its very beginnings. With our innovative approach to cybersecurity, we pioneered a new market and have grown rapidly to help our customers meet their business demands for enhanced security across their organizations. JupiterOne is the CAASM market leader.

Today, hundreds of thousands of users rely on JupiterOne to power their enterprise security initiatives each year. They’re using our platform to gain greater asset visibility as they navigate security operations, vet mergers and acquisitions, meet regulatory and compliance needs, and stay up-to-date on the quickly changing security landscape. I’m incredibly proud of two things: first, people are using JupiterOne to understand and raise awareness for security gaps prevalent within organizations of all sizes today. And second, security teams are bringing in their colleagues and partners in engineering, compliance, legal, and others to leverage the data and insights from JupiterOne to enable stronger collaboration across business functions and make security everyone’s responsibility. 


The JupiterOne Mission

I created JupiterOne with one goal in mind: to simplify security and make it attainable for all individuals and organizations as a basic right. I believe the future of openness, accessibility, and greater visibility our platform provides empowers cybersecurity professionals with the technology they need to secure their digital universe. 

And today, we’re thriving and fulfilling our promise to help democratize security for all. We offer a community tier version of the JupiterOne platform available to anyone, free of cost, forever. We invite all early-stage startups to use JupiterOne to achieve compliance -- SOC 2, PCI, HIPAA, or any other standard -- and incorporate baseline security best practices into their journey early and completely free. Earlier this year, we extended our promise to further our investment in open-source with the launch of Starbase, a new project that unifies all of the cyber asset identification from over 100 collectors in one place, backed by the Neo4j graph database, to make graph-based security analysis available to everyone. 

These core beliefs led us to build a true data-driven platform that prioritizes robust APIs, a flexible query language, strong developer tooling, and an immense investment in open-source (we currently have 167 public projects on GitHub). 

The depth and breadth of data visibility available through our platform alone is an amazing resource. Our users value the ability to query data to solve specific problems, and they need tools to help them do it. Our AskJ1 Community told us they were looking for answers/signals within the data. They wanted to know what they have and the context of assets across their entire cyber, DevOps, and IT operations to focus their security programs. 

We created the AskJ1 Community for our customers to get the help they need and learn more about data querying, asset management, and incident response with JupiterOne, to exchange ideas and best practices, therefore expediting day-to-day security operations. 

I’m extremely proud of the company that we’ve built and our platform that serves the cybersecurity community who want to address, and perhaps embrace, the complexity of security in their organization at any stage of growth. And we’ve just barely scratched the surface.


What’s to Come

With this round of funding, we’re investing in some of our most-requested features and adding new functionality to make it even easier for users to address security problems and enhance security initiatives across their entire organization. We’ll grow go-to-market capabilities, expand engineering investments, and increase product development to address market needs across attack surface management, including unified asset inventory, vulnerability management, and security posture automation. 

We’ll also extend our extensive partnership and integration teams, further expanding the capabilities of the CAASM platform to make our partner products better and your existing product investments more valuable. 


All-New Look & Feel

We’re giving JupiterOne a major facelift. You may have already noticed that our website is looking a lot different. So has the product. We’ve improved navigation, removed the clutter, and added more insights. We’ll be adding more over the next few months. And you’ll be able to see what matters in seconds.


The Bigger Picture

We know that innovators look to JupiterOne for the latest updates and trends on the security industry and trends that they care about. That attention means that we have both an opportunity and a responsibility to use our platform for more than just details on our offering and its features. So, in addition to the investments we’ll be making to our product, we’ll also be investing in our mission to help democratize access to security by providing insightful and educational content such as case studies, research reports, books, and stories on how we use J1 at J1.

We believe that if we can help level the playing field for cybersecurity or raise awareness of the fact that the field isn’t leveled, we can begin to affect change. For example, we recently reported that attack surfaces are growing exponentially as organizations embark on their digital transformation journey. The explosive growth of cyber assets, or digital resources that require security protection against vulnerabilities, outpaces employees 500 to 1. Cyber assets aren’t just IP addresses and devices, but all resources from cloud infrastructure, traditional and SaaS applications, code, networks, data, user identities, and access—every single element in digital operations counts. 

And it’s not just a cyber asset proliferation problem. The human element of the security crisis is real. Outdated cybersecurity training models leave security teams chronically understaffed, overwhelmed, and struggling to meet their responsibilities. There are 0.106 cybersecurity professionals per single U.S. business entity on average, which means there are approximately 135 security professionals across the 1270 organizations in the report’s dataset carrying the weight of cyber assets, and the liabilities that might result. The average security team is responsible for 165,633 cyber assets, comprised of 28,872 cloud hosts, 12,407 network interfaces, 55 applications per human employee, 59,971 data assets (including 3,027 secrets), and 35,018 user assets.

Access to and the socialization of this kind of industry information is the key to spurring change. So we’ll be doing more research to educate organizations about the state of cyber assets and its impact on organizations. We hope these small steps will begin to add up and set an example for the innovators who look to us for guidance.


And Finally, Thank You

Thank you to our employees, customers, investors, and community who have continued to believe in JupiterOne. We think you’ll like what’s coming next. And in the meantime, if you have any ideas or suggestions for how we can better serve you, drop us a line at hello@jupiterone.com

If you want to help us build the next phase of JupiterOne, check out our Careers page. We have new roles open across the company, and we’re looking for some great folks to join the team.



Posted By Erkang Zheng

I envision a world where decisions are made on facts, not fear; teams are fulfilled, not frustrated; breaches are improbable, not inevitable. Security is a basic right.

I am a cybersecurity practitioner and founder with 20+ years across IAM, pen testing, IR, data, app, and cloud security. An engineer by trade, entrepreneur at heart, I am passionate about technology and solving real-world challenges. Former CISO, security leader at IBM and Fidelity Investments, I hold five patents and multiple industry certifications.

I am building a cloud-native software platform at JupiterOne to deliver knowledge, transparency and confidence to every digital operation in every organization, large or small.

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