High Velocity Cloud Security at Scale 

Security & Compliance at the Speed of DevOps

JupiterOne has partnered up with BreakFree Solutions, a leading provider of practical cloud, DevOps, and automation professional services to enterprise organizations.

In this Insights Report, learn how the BreakFree Cloud Security Framework and the JupiterOne platform work in tangent to help enterprises evolve their security in our current cloud era.

What's inside the ebook:

  • A Visualization of the BreakFree Cloud Security Framework​
  • A Breakdown of the Major Framework Components
  • Implementing the BreakFree Cloud Security Framework with JupiterOne
  • How JupiterOne impacts and simplifies the processes for each of the BreakFree Cloud Security Framework components



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Watch the Webinar

Dive into even more depth for fostering a high-velocity cloud security organization by attending our accompanying webinar, featuring BreakFree Solutions CTO Bradley Clerkin and JupiterOne Founder, LifeOmic CISO Erkang Zheng.

Watch the webinar →