AMA: Map Controls and Frameworks Relationships

April 29, 2021 | IN Blog, Integrations, Query, Tool | BY George Tang

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J1_Ambassador Apollo @2x


"Is there a way for JupiterOne to map the controls and frameworks relationships?"

--Question from Will on the J1 Community Slack


Answer from the JupiterOne Team

Hi Will. Yes, there is. Using the "Edit Control Procedures to Compliance Mapping" query allows you to globally map policies/procedures across multiple frameworks.

Controls and Frameworks Mapping - 01


Any query can also be globally mapped across compliance requirements/controls, too.

Controls and Frameworks Mapping - 02


We are actively working on the feature to globally map controls, e.g., your company’s internal controls, across frameworks, with the ultimate goal of mapping/tuning queries+evidence to controls just one time + mapping said controls (+corresponding queries/evidence) to multiple compliance and/or regulatory frameworks

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