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Printed confidential information remains one of the leading culprits of data breaches organizations faced. But why is something like this still happening when the a piece of paper is a rare sight in many offices these days?

It boils down to desk hygiene. Whether it’s an open office environment or you’re mostly staffed with engineers, you can find an increasing amount of clutter and personal effects covering shelves and desktops. These items pose as obstacles when you assess whether it is safe to leave for the night, and inevitably lead to data breaches.

While most organization’s have general policies around keeping a desk clean, we understand that teaching an old dog new tricks is a lost cause. We, instead, turned to software.

Introducing Desk Top™

Desk Top™, the latest feature from JupiterOne, aims to combat this problem by helping organizations identify confidential information in the mess. Partnering up with the LifeOmic Machine Learning team, we’ve leveraged our OCR capabilities to detect social security numbers, bank account numbers, the “pw” on an errant sticky note and, obviously, the word confidential anywhere within the mess on someone’s desk.

Desk Top™ images are ingested as assets into JupiterOne and mapped to users via the graph. These assets are queryable and easily serve as evidences of adherence for Clean Desk policies in compliance audits.

Leveraging the graph also makes for interesting correlative analysis opportunities with other assets in your environment:

  • Is there a relationship between a messy desk and messy code?
  • How do messes change over time, visually?
  • and more!

Using Desk Top™

All your team has to do is open the JupiterOne Desk Top™ app on their laptop*, turn to face the webcam towards their desk and tap the space bar**. Our ML then takes over to look for anything that looks like it might be important and alerts you to what should be cleaned up in just under 20 minutes!

A mobile app for Android and iOS is coming soon.

*Current support for Desk Top™ is focused on laptops. Desk Top™ Desktop support is currently limited.

**Often times your hand or arm may obstruct the camera when pressing the space bar so multiple pictures may be necessary.

Managed Services Available

If your organization would like to add on managed services to support their Desk Top subscription, we have monthly service offering available that includes a directory of professionals that can be contacted on demand (using LifeOmic Connect) to help your team keep things clean.

These certified mothers and fathers – actively raising children between the ages of 2 and 18 – check in periodically with your team to ensure their workspace is clean with tremendous tact.

JupiterOne Desk Top™ Availability

The Desk Top™ feature is available as a opt-in beta for organizations currently using JupiterOne. If you would like to see it in action, request a demo today!


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