JupiterOne Launches Query Anywhere


This week JupiterOne launched Query Anywhere

As you might guess, this feature will allow J1 users to access the core ‘search for anything’ functionality of J1QL no matter where they are within JupiterOne’s various applications.

While J1 users could already tap into the power of our graph database and relationship-based data model via our main search application, they were missing the ability to ask a new question and quickly get search results when working in the context of one of our other applications, like Compliance.

Let’s walk through how that used to work.

If a J1 user was working on a compliance framework and knew the right questions to ask, no problem. They could attach these questions as evidence directly from the J1 Questions Library. 

However, if they didn’t yet know the right questions to ask, they would have to jump over into the search application, run their queries, and save their desired results before coming back into the Compliance app to attach their findings. Not the end of the world, but the context switching and potential use of multiple tabs certainly had room for improvement.

Now let’s walk through the new flow with Query Anywhere.

This time, starting that new search is as simple as clicking the icon in the header bar which opens an intuitive interface above the compliance framework the J1 user is working on.

Query Anywhere - JupiterOne

As they start typing, J1 suggests questions that might be applicable to their search.

Query Anywhere - JupiterOne

When a user finds questions that might work, digging into the data is easy because the view can be toggled between formats like table, JSON and graph right in place. Results can even be expanded to full screen, just like in the main search application.

Query Anywhere - JupiterOne

Future Query Anywhere updates will bring even more functionality to both Query Anywhere and our main search application, so stay tuned. You can try out Query Anywhere immediately within your J1 account. If you haven't joined us yet, registration gets you a free lifetime license.

Chum Wongrassamee, Head of Product Design
Patrick Morgan, Senior Product Designer


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