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In this episode of the People | Process | Technology podcast, I speak with Simon Bennetts from the Zap Project, Christian Folini from the ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project, and Steve Springett from the Dependency Track Project.

This is part of an ongoing podcast series, highlighting the OWASP Flagship Projects that will be featured at the OWASP 20th Anniversary Celebration in September. I talk with the project leads to hear what they have been working on for the past year, what their plans are for the coming year, and what we can expect to see at the conference in September.

The OWASP 20th Anniversary Celebration is a 24 hour global event, featuring sessions from each of the OWASP flagship projects, leaders of the Top Ten Project, presenters from around the world, and sessions from people who have helped OWASP over the past 20 years. Registration is open, and you can’t beat the cost… it’s free. Even if you can’t attend, please register so you’ll have access to all of the recorded sessions following the conference. 

Our program was produced today by Executive Editor Mark Miller. Special thanks to today’s guests, Simon Bennetts from the ZAP Project, Christian Folini from the ModSecurity Core Rule Set Project, and Steve Springett from the Dependency Track Project. You can stream our archive of over 160 episodes, for free, at owasp-podcast. The show is available on all of your favorite podcasting platforms, including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Support for this broadcast is provided by OWASP, celebrating twenty years of making software safer. OWASP hosts their 24 hour, 20th Anniversary Celebration in September. Head to 20thAnniversary.owasp.org for your free ticket.

Support also provided by JupiterOne, who believes that security is a basic right to every person, company, and enterprise. Security begins with cyber asset visibility, and includes understanding the relationships between those assets. Get started with your free, lifetime license at info.jupiterone.com/get-started.

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