Podcast: CYA - Cover Your Assets with Chris Roberts


A couple weeks ago I read an article by Chris Roberts. The headline screamed, “Security Solved!”

Security solved? What the hell was he talking about. Everyday there’s a new media storm around the latest breach or ransomware attack. There’s an entire industry built around the idea that security is hard, and the need for special equipment, software and people to even think about being secure. 

Chris was insistent. He professed that security is not hard nor complicated. Not only does he consider it inexpensive and undemanding to do the right thing, his premise is it’s easy to get the simple stuff sorted. I called Chris to get clarification on what he was talking about. As we got deeper into the discussion, we both realized this was a topic that needed more exposure. If there really is a simple way to implement security, the world should hear about it.

We invited people to participate in the recording of our discussion. You’ll hear us reference people who were online with us, sending chat messages and questions. This session is a little longer that our usual podcast, but what’s here is important. Chris says it’s easy, I say it’s not, and then we get into it. 

We start when I ask Chris to give us a little about his background. You’ll be able to tell right from the start, this isn’t going to be your ordinary podcast. 

Notes for this broadcast:

Basic Premise on Security

  • This isn’t hard.
  • This isn’t complicated.
  • This doesn’t have to be expensive.
  • This doesn’t need fancy words
  • This doesn’t require gilted certificates
  • This isn’t demanding
  • This needs no awards
  • This isn’t covered in glory.


  1. Assets, what do you have?
  2. Assets, where are they?
  3. Who’s got access to them?
  4. What DO they do, what is their purpose?
  5. What’s on them?
  6. Which ones do you need to care about?

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Posted By Mark Miller

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As well, Mark is Executive Producer of the DevSecOps Podcast Series (300K+ listens), and the Executive Editor of the LinkedIn DevOps Group (124K+ members).

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