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This is Mark Miller, Executive Producer of the People | Process | Technology Podcast. Over the years as I’ve produced this podcast, the topics of focus have followed the trends in the industry. What was originally called “The OWASP Podcast” became “OWASP 24/7” and then “The DevSecOps Podcast”.  

Each change brought with it a new audience, extending our community from exclusively OWASP practitioners, to DevOps and DevSecOps advocates. The audience for the podcast has grown, with close to 500,000 listens of the 150 episodes. 

We’ve covered book launches by speaking with the authors, we’ve talked about industry reports focusing on the Software Supply Chain. Topics have included Chaos Engineering, efforts to create a Software Bill of Materials initiative at the federal level, Threat Modeling and a multitude of other topics. 

You might have noticed something different, a new name for the podcast, at the beginning of the program today. Keeping a feel of the pulse of the industry is one of the things that interests me most as producer of the series. Currently, People, Process and Technology is starting to get its due The realization that these are not three things, but one thing that is intertwined into a convoluted, unimaginably complex whole is something that deserves our attention, and that will be our focus over the coming year.

We’ll talk with practitioners who are creating security patterns for each leg of the People, Process, Technology triptych. We’ll continue to highlight OWASP projects that are focused on security, and how it relates to all aspects of technology. Guests will include leaders in the industry who are responsible for driving security, not as a stand-alone initiative, but as an integrated part of their business. 

Developing a secure development environment, one that builds quality into the process is something that should be of concern to everyone in that process. My desire is to help expose the practitioners who are thinking about the next generation of security, and how you can use their insights to help us build a safer world.

Thank you for your continuing support. I’m excited to be expanding the program and hope you’ll stay with us for People, Process, and Technology.

— Mark Miller, Executive Producer

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Posted By Mark Miller

Mark Miller speaks and writes extensively on DevSecOps and Cybersecurity. He has published 9 books, including "Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future", and the popular "Epic Failures in DevSecOps" series.

Mark actively participates in the DevSecOps and cybersecurity communities by producing DevSecOps tracks at security conferences such as RSA Conference, InfoSec Europe, CD Summit, AppSec USA and AppSec EU. He is the former Senior Director of Editorial Strategy and Content at JupiterOne.

As well, Mark is Executive Producer of the OWASP Podcast Series (500K+ listens), and the Executive Editor of the LinkedIn DevOps Group (125K+ members).


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