Next stop in the Summer of JupiterOne — Cisco Live! and Splunk .conf22

Next stop in the Summer of JupiterOne — Cisco Live! and Splunk .conf22

Last week, we kicked off the Summer of JupiterOne at RSAC 2022 in San Francisco, followed by the Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit near DC. If we take the success from both shows as a sign of what’s to come, we’re in for an awesome summer!

This week, we packed our green pants and sunglasses and headed over to Las Vegas for Cisco Live! and Splunk .conf22 to spend quality time with our partners, exhibit our platform, and meet with existing and future JupiterOne customers.


Live from Las Vegas, it’s Cisco Live! 

At Cisco Live!, the team showcased the latest additions to the JupiterOne platform, including Critical Assets, which helps security teams easily identify, analyze, and secure their most important cyber assets. They also gave a sneak preview of our new Insights dashboards for Incident Response which can be used to immediately answer any security investigation and response question for your cloud workloads. (We’ll talk more about these in an upcoming blog post, so stay tuned!)

On Monday night, JupiterOne and Cisco Secure hosted a happy hour at the Delano Hotel’s Franklin Lounge. The place was packed and attendees enjoyed a double-shot of CAASM talk — in the form of Cisco Secure Cloud Insights and JupiterOne — along with their favorite beverage. 



Orbiting the Splunkverse at .conf22 

While in Vegas, the JupiterOne team also attended .conf22 and added its green flair to Splunk’s coral, orange, and magenta color palette. The team hosted a booth at the event’s source=*Pavilion expo hall to showcase our new JupiterOne Add-On for Splunk and the JupiterOne App for Splunk.  They helped answer questions around adding JupiterOne as a step in a Splunk SOAR playbook.



Our Product Manager for Integrations, Sam Andrus, and Director of Solutions Architecture, Akash Ganapathi, jointly delivered a technical presentation on how organizations can use Splunk and JupiterOne to shorten the investigation of threats against cloud-native apps. If you missed this presentation, word on the street is that the content may be available on Splunk’s .conf22 website sometime in the fall. (Or you can just reach out to us and we’ll show you a demo of the JupiterOne and Splunk integration — your call!)

Later in the week, Akash presented on why breaches still occur and what security leaders have missed all along to a standing-room-only audience at the .conf22 Theater. The gist? You need to go back to the beginning of your security strategy, and make sure you have full visibility and understanding of every single “thing” that lives in your infrastructure — your cyber assets. Without this depth and breadth of visibility, your attack surface will continue to expand unbeknownst to you, leaving your enterprise exposed to security breaches. But, guess what? That’s exactly the type of visibility you get with the JupiterOne platform.  




So, what’s next? Lucky for us, our green pants travel well. Look for the JupiterOne team again on our next Summer of JupiterOne stop, coming soon! 



Posted By Ale Espinosa

Ale is JupiterOne’s VP of Product Marketing and Partnerships. With over 20 years of experience in high-tech marketing, including a decade in cybersecurity, Ale has navigated the alphabet soup of infosec acronyms throughout her career, including EDR/XDR, DFIR, SIEM, UEBA, SOAR, AI/ML, and now, CAASM. When she’s not in front of her laptop drafting go-to-market plans, Ale can be found walking on the beach, hiking local trails, or obsessing about green tea, audiobooks, philosophy, and ‘80s music.