JupiterOne Visual Query Builder Video Overview (4 minutes)

Hello, my name is Henry Garrett. I developed the J1 Visual Query Builder to help you understand our query language and use a “no code” solution to write your own J1QL (JupiterOne Query Language) queries. The Visual Query Builder is in beta and is part of your current interface on the landing app.  It will make it easy for you to build and experiment with queries that will add value almost immediately. Another benefit of the Visual Query Builder is the ability to learn J1QL via an interface whose goal is to teach you.  After playing around in here for a bit, I’m confident you will be off and writing your own custom queries in no time.


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About Henry Garrett

Henry Garrett is a Senior Software Full Stack Engineer at JupiterOne.  He has a Masters of Enterprise Web Development from Johns Hopkins University, and has worked in the defense and enterprise workflow industries before settling in with us here at JupiterOne.  Besides software, his other love is music, where he could talk to you for hours about an album you’ve never heard of.

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Posted By Henry Garrett

Henry is a Team Lead and Senior Engineer at JupiterOne. He lives in Raleigh, NC with his wife and 6 month old son. He loves making cool software, and when he isn't working, you'll probably find him with an IPA in hand, working out, or hiking with the family.

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