JupiterOne Raises $30 Million Series-B Led by Sapphire Ventures


For Star Wars fans, May the 4th is a very special day. We get to make all sorts of silly puns, memes, and jokes based on our love of a series of movies. For JupiterOne, this particular May the 4th is at a whole other level of significance. The space theme ties in with JupiterOne and is certainly really cool by itself. But this morning, we have an even more important fact to share.

Today, May the 4th, 2021, JupiterOne is announcing our B round of venture funding led by Sapphire Ventures. That is a grand total just shy of $50M invested into our business in under 9 months! Absolutely astonishing, if you ask me. This is a reflection of our business growing like crazy, our amazing customer count taking off, and attracting the most talented people to join our cause. It’s a great time to be on the JupiterOne rocketship — we are the best in the biz, or should I say, the force is strong with this one.

The latest funds come after we tripled our annual revenue in 2020 and doubled our team over the last six months. We have our sights set on tripling revenue and doubling our team size again in 2021 as we look to grow our engineering, product development, and go-to-market capabilities. We’ll also be extending our partnership and integrations teams.

J1_Ambassador Orion @2x

Leading the round from Sapphire Ventures is Anders Ranum. Previous to JupiterOne, Anders has invested in notable companies such as Auth0, JFrog, and Sumo Logic. He has tremendous experience both as an investor and as a former operator. I am very excited and honored to be working with Anders, Enrique Salem, Partner at Bain Capital Ventures, and most recently Latha Maripuri, CISO at Uber on the JupiterOne board.

As we move forward in 2021 and onward in 2022, the sky's the limit. We have an entire universe of cyber assets to help our customers explore and secure. From one person security teams looking for a little help with a specific use case - yes we have a free tier...check it out here - to enterprises building their entire cyber security program on the back of JupiterOne’s cyber asset management platform, we are prepared and ready to help each and every one of you. 

JupiterOne is transforming how everyone manages their cyber assets and in the coming months we will cement ourselves as the definitive operating system for asset management and security. We believe that security is a basic right and that all of our customers, big and small, should be able to know more and fear less. 

Thanks for coming along on this journey into space. May the fourth be with you!

P.S. -  For a fun list of JupiterOne + May the Fourth memes check out our Twitter feed.



Posted By Erkang Zheng

I envision a world where decisions are made on facts, not fear; teams are fulfilled, not frustrated; breaches are improbable, not inevitable. Security is a basic right.

I am a cybersecurity practitioner and founder with 20+ years across IAM, pen testing, IR, data, app, and cloud security. An engineer by trade, entrepreneur at heart, I am passionate about technology and solving real-world challenges. Former CISO, security leader at IBM and Fidelity Investments, I hold five patents and multiple industry certifications.

I am building a cloud-native software platform at JupiterOne to deliver knowledge, transparency and confidence to every digital operation in every organization, large or small.

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