J1 Spotlight: Patricia Arnedo, Software Engineer

Individuals in STEM are often described as innately methodical, detail-oriented, and curious. However, their creative, artistic qualities are the ones that make them shine. When these skills work together, they produce a star of an engineer like our very own Patricia Arnedo, Software Engineer at JupiterOne. 

🃏 Jack Patricia of all trades 

At a young age, Patricia expressed a deep curiosity for math and science. So much so that she chose mechanical engineering as her major in college. While her schedule was jam packed with engineering courses, she found solace in one elective: Life Drawing 101. 


Patricia grew up drawing and painting as much as she could, and this course was the confirmation she needed to follow her true passions. She switched her major to art and went on to work in fine art printing. For those unfamiliar with the art world, this means she was responsible for printing murals and other large format prints on unconventional mediums. While she was drawn in by the art, Patricia’s role also required her to dig into the details and technicalities of the printing process.


And so… she pivoted once again. After enrolling in a computer science bootcamp, she fell in love with the creativity, problem-solving, and application of visual skills needed to work on the front end of software development. Software engineering ended up being the perfect intersection of her passion and expertise, and JupiterOne was lucky enough to snag her six months ago. 


🤌 Our philosophical queen

After a short conversation with Patricia, it became clear that she cherished the moments in life that left a mark on her. She knows what she values: art, ambition, and connection, to name a few. 


Her favorite movies, Spirited Away and Dogtooth, are sources of inspiration challenging her to reframe her thinking about life as she knows it. She grew up listening to the Colombian artist, Carlos Vives, whose music is on her playlist nearly every day. Her favorite book, 100 Years of Solitude, is one that she revisits often and finds comfort in – even if it’s just to read a passage when she has a spare moment. 


Finally, when we asked her what hobby she’d choose to master at an expert level, she said climbing, with a caveat. To Patricia, learning and improving is the best part of her passion. So, being the top-level expert would never be the dream. 

🏔 Ain’t no mountain high enough 

Literally. She’s not afraid of heights. In fact, she loves them! As if she wasn’t talented enough, Patricia spends her spare time climbing! Top-roping, to be exact. Top-roping is a form of rock climbing where climbers are supported by a rope that runs up and down a rock face. If she could win the lottery and do anything she wanted, Patricia would spend her time traveling and painting.


For someone whose biggest fear is not living life to her full potential, we’d say Patricia is inspiring all of us to follow our dreams. From art, to climbing, to engineering, and her love for Korean food, she unapologetically lives life with tenacity and drive. Thank you for being a part of our team!


Posted By Tanvi Tapadia

Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Tanvi is a marketer who strives to create the perfect balance between data-driven decisions and creative marketing. She is an NC State graduate who loves to explore, eat, and play with her dog Butter.

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