Introducing Compliance 2.0 - Compliance is the Byproduct of Great Security

Many companies invest in compliance activities to follow various laws and regulations but not necessarily to improve their overall security posture. Whether you are completing your SOC 2, ISO 27001 or both, the requirements are the same for any company. In terms of cybersecurity maturity, however, the number of dedicated security and financial resources Pull Quote - By product of good security to invest in security and compliance can be significantly different.

At JupiterOne, we believe that it’s possible to invest in an effective security strategy and program, as well as achieve compliance, no matter your level of cybersecurity maturity. An effective security program should begin with understanding your organization’s cyber assets, what’s at risk, and how to counter these threats.

With complete visibility across your cyber assets - from your cloud assets, code repos, networks, users, devices, and more - it’s easier to spot security issues and maintain continuous compliance while swiftly preventing the impact of security lapses and data breaches.

New Compliance 2.0 Improves Security and Compliance Workflows

JupiterOne - Compliance 2.0

Today we introduce JupiterOne’s Compliance 2.0, providing customers several new enhancements:

  1. An intuitive and simpler user experience. Our team improved the navigation and standardized the layout of frameworks and controls within the Compliance App to better optimize your compliance journey.

  2. Centralized Controls Library streamlines compliance workflows. We’ve created a “Controls Library” to ensure that all controls and requirements are in a central location. This reduces the need to duplicate controls within different policies and frameworks, streamlining the experience for compliance management.

  3. Better understanding of assets and how they connect. Controls are now directly mapped to Requirements within the Compliance App. The updated mappings provide a clearer understanding of relationships between Policies/Procedures, Requirements, and Controls.

  4. Best-in-class support for SOC-2 standards. The SOC-2 framework received a makeover with improved support for requirements and linked controls.

Demo of the latest updates (Request a personal demo)

Benefits for Security Operations and Compliance Teams

There are also significant benefits for Security Operations and Compliance teams:

  • Continuous compliance that scales. Instead of compliance being a reactive or a check-box exercise, we’re empowering teams to address it proactively within Compliance 2.0. Our solution helps organizations streamline their compliance requirements no matter their level of security maturity.

  • Save time while automating SecOps and compliance. Security and compliance teams can reuse controls across multiple frameworks and policies for future audits, reducing time and resources spent on manual processes, and allowing you to focus on more critical initiatives.

  • Empower your team with self-service compliance. With the latest enhancements and a simplified user experience, any team member can quickly get up-to-speed and use Compliance 2.0 with clearer guidance to streamline and achieve their compliance requirements. 

Learn more about Compliance 2.0 in JupiterOne

JupiterOne - Compliance 2.0

While a large portion of the functionality remains the same between versions, Compliance 2.0 is a major change to the experience, navigation, and overall look and feel. No matter where you sit within your organization -- security, cloud, or compliance -- you’ll see that these new updates reflect a refreshed organizational flow that optimizes your daily workflows and helps your organization achieve compliance faster.

To learn more about JupiterOne and Compliance 2.0, visit:, or request a demo.



Posted By Jennie Duong

Director of Product Marketing at JupiterOne. Eternal cynic and privacy advocate. Prior to JupiterOne, Jennie spent the past three years living, traveling, and working abroad across 25+ countries. She consulted and advised for several B2B cybersecurity and cloud startups.

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