Infographic: The State of Cyber Asset Management

Cyber asset management is now a critical component of an organization’s cybersecurity hygiene and posture management. The more cyber assets in an organization’s environment, the harder it becomes to understand the full scope of the relationship between those assets. In fact, 69% of organizations admit that they have experienced at least one cyber-attack that started with an exploitation of an unknown, unmanaged, or poorly managed internet-facing asset.

The latest “State of Cyber Asset Management” infographic shares some interesting trends that we’ve seen across managing cyber assets to improve security hygiene.

Key takeaways and challenges:

  • On average organizations are using too many tools and devote 500+ hours to generate accurate IT asset inventory and audits.
  • Today, the most tracked cyber assets include software misconfigurations, coding errors, vulnerabilities, cloud workloads, user accounts, user entitlements and IoT devices.
  • Top challenges in understanding cyber assets including having accurate asset inventory across different organizations, leveraging multiple tools and conflicting data, and constant changes in their cyber asset landscape.

These challenges have initiated a new focus on cyber asset attack surface management (CAASM). Teams are beginning to augment their existing IT and security solutions with CAASM tooling to better manage their cybersecurity hygiene and security posture.

Infographic: The State of Cyber Asset Management

Our latest infographic data is sourced from ESG’s Security Hygiene and Posture Management Survey. The survey included ~400 IT and cybersecurity professionals who shared their insights on how their teams approach cybersecurity posture management, what coverage gaps exist, and how they plan to improve it.

ESG Report Infographic - JupiterOne

Check out the full ESG report highlighting additional illuminating trends from their 2021 Security Hygiene and Posture Management Survey if you’re looking to level up your cyber hygiene and security posture.

ESG Report Download - JupiterOne



Posted By Jennie Duong

Director of Product Marketing at JupiterOne. Eternal cynic and privacy advocate. Prior to JupiterOne, Jennie spent the past three years living, traveling, and working abroad across 25+ countries. She consulted and advised for several B2B cybersecurity and cloud startups.

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