How to Use Charts and Graphs Widgets


The way to display your data in the JupiterOne Insights Dashboard is through charts and graphs. This is done by adding and editing widgets to your dashboards. Jayson Jensen shows how to customize six widgets, including those for

  • Pie charts
  • Line charts
  • Bar charts
  • Matrix charts
  • Table charts
  • JupiterOne relationship graph view

Jayson walks through each of these, explaining the power of the graphic display, and encourages you to create your own dashboards or edit any of the existing, default dashboards created by JupiterOne.






Posted By Jayson Jensen

I spent 4+ years doing technical consulting for enterprise clients in the automobile and tax preparation services industries. During this time I gained experience across product, business, and technical domains while performing the functions of a Software Developer, Business Architect, and Product Architect. As a Customer Success Engineer for JupiterOne, I support customers by helping them understand the value of being able to query and visualize the relationships across the security domain which includes cloud infrastructure, network security, endpoint management, identity and access management, vulnerability management, and more. I enjoy everything outdoors, from Spartan races, to scuba diving, to hiking.

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