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AWS Howdy Parter is a fantastic show on designed to help Amazon customers improve their experience in the cloud. JupiterOne was lucky enough to have the opportunity to present on this show and we were up to the task! The hosts Chloe Goldstein and Braeden Quirante were so much fun and interesting to talk to. It makes it really easy to do an interview based show when the team is as good as they are.

The Amazon team did a brief introduction of Amazon cloud security tools available today and then JupiterOne CEO Erkang Zheng and Solutions Team Lead Akash Ganaptahi dove into their story.

Security is a basic right, how to bridge the gap between compliance and security, CMDB is broken, understanding your cyber assets, and how to build a security program were all topics discussed in detail along with a great demonstration of the JupiterOne platform. To view the full video stream click here.

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