CyberSecurity Summit 2021 - Spotlight Demo

Visibility is a problem we all have when it comes to cyber assets and security. How do we keep track of all of the cloud assets we have in AWS, GCP, and Azure? What about laptops and mobile devices? There are millions of software defined “things”, including PRs, commits to those PRs, Lambda functions, Dynamo DBs tables. 

JupiterOne solves the visibility problem by automatically discovering all of these assets via managed integration, culminating in a visual, expandable/contractable graph. 

Akash Ganapathi shows the real time ability to visual cybersecurity assets in JupiterOne, using simple queries to create dynamic, relationship linked graphs displaying how your cyber assets are related to each other.

This Cybersecurity 2021 Spotlight Session gets immediately to the heart of the issue, running real time queries against data to show how graphs are the simplest way to show assets, and the relationships between those assets. 

After viewing the video, we’d like to invite you to setup your own JupiterOne account for free access to the JupiterOne engine to create your own queries to interrogate your systems. Your account is free and will never expire. 

Watch the video, and then get started with your free account:


Posted By Akash Ganapathi

Akash Ganapathi comes from an enterprise security, data privacy, and data analysis background, working exclusively in the B2B software solutions space throughout his career. He is currently a Principal Security Solutions Architect at JupiterOne.

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