Captain's Log, Stardate 2021.10.29


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9 PC Games You Can Play Forever | Wired / Simon Hill

2021-10-29 Captains Log - Story 01There's always something new to play, but these are our favorites when you're seeking something tried and true. PC games often have a bit more depth and staying power than their console counterparts, and you can usually add mods to the game for a richer long-term experience. Our picks here have almost infinite replay value and can keep you entertained for hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of hours.
Read the full story...

Modern Cybersecurity: Tales from the Near-Distant Future | Free Book Download

Modern Cybersecurity - Hardcopy or Digital - JupiterOneLast week JupiterOne released a book featuring seven security practitioners telling their stories (Target, DoD USAF, sweetgreen, Cobalt, NTT Data Services, JupiterOne, Cyber Leadership Forum). The stories describe the details of major business problems experienced when implementing cybersecurity - and how they overcame them.

We had over 700 downloads and figured, "Hey, people found it interesting. Let's keep going!" The book is available on Amazon, or you can download the digital copy for free.

SolarWinds Attacker Targets Cloud Service Providers in New Supply Chain Threat | DarkReading / Jai Vijayan

2021-10-29 Captains Log - JupiterOneMicrosoft says the group has attacked more than 140 service providers and compromised 14 of them between May and October of this year. In the SolarWinds campaign, Nobelium broke into the company's software build environment and used its access to quietly embed malicious code into legitimate updates of SolarWinds' Orion network management product. That single intrusion gave the attacker a way to distribute malware to thousands of organizations, though it was interested in stealing data from only a small subset. Read the full story...

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Challenges in Cybersecurity | Gov Info Security / Rashmi Ramesh

2021-10-29 Captains Log - Story 04Even as the workforce skills gap is becoming "more pronounced in cybersecurity" than in any other sector, companies in the space have a unique opportunity to bridge the gap while also diversifying their workforce and promoting inclusion.

In a report published earlier this week, (ISC)² - the international nonprofit association that certifies cybersecurity professionals - says minority security practitioners, including people of color and women, are underrepresented in the field and offers practical steps to address the issues. Read the full story...

Analytics, architecture & authentication: the key security innovations of traditional finance | SC Media Bradley Barth

2021-10-29 Captains Log - JupiterOneWhen it comes to the financial services sector, one might think that the world of digital currency and P2P payments must be driving most of the cyber innovation, due to the risk of cryptotheft that’s plaguing these nascent services. And yet, on closer inspection, you’ll find that good old-fashioned banks, credit services, insurance companies and other traditional financial institutions are in many cases leading the pack in terms of developing and adopting infosec solutions and policies, especially those designed to curb fraud, identity theft and account hijackings. Read the full story...



Modern Cybersecurity - Hardcopy or Digital - JupiterOne




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