Captain's Log, Stardate 2021.07.16


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Banks now rely on a few cloud computing giants. That's creating some unexpected new risks | ZDNet
In a report focusing on financial stability in the UK over the past few months, the Bank of England drew attention to the increasing adoption of public cloud services, and voiced concerns about those services being provided by only a handful of huge companies that dominate the market. Outsourcing key banking data and services to a small number of cloud service providers (CSPs), said the Bank of England, means that those providers have the power to dictate their own terms, potentially to the expense of the stability of the financial system. Read the full story...

Voting’s Hash Problem: When the System for Verifying the Integrity of Voting Software Lacks Integrity Itself | Zero Day/Kim Zetter

In September 2020, just weeks before voters went to the polls in one of the nation’s most critical and contentious presidential elections, state officials in Texas learned of a disturbing problem with election software used widely across their state and the country: a component of software provided by Election Systems and Software — the top voting machine maker in the country — didn’t work the way it was supposed to work. Read the full story...

4 Future Integrated Circuit Threats to Watch | DarkReading
While much of the eVTOL industry has its sights set on urban air taxis or cargo transportation, entrepreneur Matthew Pearson had another idea: electric flying race cars. So in 2019, he founded two companies, Alauda Aeronautics to manufacture the aircraft and Airspeeder, an international series to race them. Now, Airspeeder says it has completed the first test flights of the debut electric flying race car and is poised to host the inaugural race of its EXA series this year. Read the full story...

Cyberattacks increased 17% in Q1 of 2020, with 77% being targeted attacks | Security Magazine
The number of cyberattacks increased by 17% compared to Q1 2020, and compared to Q4 2020, the increase was 1.2%, with 77% being targeted attacks, according to a new Positive Technologies Cybersecurity Threatscape Q1 2021 report. Incidents involving individuals accounted for 12% of the total. Cybercriminals typically attacked government institutions, industrial companies, science and education institutions. The main motive for attacks on both organizations and individuals remains acquisition of data. Attackers' main targets are personal data and credentials, and attacks on organizations are also aimed at stealing intellectual property. Read the full story...

A Modern Definition for Cyber Assets | JupiterOne
As the industry continues to move towards a model of cloud-native architecture, our definition of what is defined as a “cyber asset” needs to be part of that transformation. IT assets are proliferating beyond devices and increasing in both scale and complexity. Companies are discovering they have unknowingly created “shadow asset classes” within their organizations. Along with these shadow assets comes the added complexity of understanding and managing the shadow relationships and dependencies among those assets. Read the full story...


Modern Visibility in Cyberseccurity


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