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Identity is cause; brand is effect, and the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter
- Larry Akerman

Brand is perception, and perception is important. We all want to be seen by others as having certain values, ethics, morals, and vision. The interesting thing about brand is, if we are being truthful, a brand is just a reflection of who we (or our product) really are.  You can try to hide, mask, or otherwise put up a false brand, but eventually the real brand shines through for better or for worse. Brand is without a doubt the most sincere outward facing version of our own identity.

In July of 2020, we completed our first funding round. We spun off from our parent company and our team of 20 or so employees were officially out on our own. In order to solidify the company as we grew, we had to define three key things:

  • Who is JupiterOne?
  • What do we stand for?
  • How do we want to present ourselves to the world?

As we rounded the corner into the new year, we dove headfirst into the process of self-discovery – of finding the specific drivers of our inner identity. Refining the specifics and codifying exactly who JupiterOne is, what we do, and how we wanted to talk about it was a difficult, yet highly rewarding, task. There is nothing quite as exciting as the process of breaking down your self view and finding, in a completely raw way, who you truly are. At the end of the journey we found out exactly who JupiterOne is, and defined specifically the mission and vision that we have as an entity.

JupiterOne Vision:
We envision a world where decisions are made on facts, not fear.  Teams are fulfilled, not frustrated. Breaches are improbable, not inevitable. We believe that security is a basic right.

JupiterOne wants our customers to have clarity and understanding of their day-to-day tasks at hand. Our customers have a right to be fulfilled in their daily activities and not feel like they are constantly putting out the next big fire or passing time waiting for the next breach to happen. They deserve to truly believe that breaches are not "inevitable" - they are improbable and, with proper care, can even be avoided. JupiterOne believes that security is a basic right and should never be cost prohibitive to smaller or resource-strapped businesses. Security is indeed a basic right.

With our vision clearly defined, we had to determine our daily mission. It's one thing to see the future with exceptional clarity, it's something else to distill that future down to a mission that can be accomplished by your company, employees, and teammates. What does JupiterOne do day in and day out better than any other company that exists?

JupiterOne Mission:
We deliver knowledge, transparency, and confidence to every digital operation in every organization, large or small.

It doesn't matter to JupiterOne how big or small you are. Security is a basic right and the leaders of companies of every size should be able to sleep at night knowing their organization is secure. Security, operations, and development leaders need knowledge, transparency of, and confidence in the data they use to make decisions. When it comes to understanding their entire cyber universe our customers need continuously updated, accurate, and actionable data.  JupiterOne's mission is to bring all of this to every company - from the small shop using our free tier all the way up through the largest Fortune 100 enterprise that builds their entire cyber security program on our platform.

Finally, a vision of the future and a mission to help our customers improve is still too broad to properly give your business a true complete identity. To really ground the story and help our employees embrace what it is we are trying to achieve, we built four core values.

Core Values: Shine: Win the day with passion and empathy. Empower: Be accountable to your team and customers. Accelerate: Innovate with purpose. Invigorate: Foster a connected, transparent, and fun workplace.

At JupiterOne we live every day alongside these core values in order to help our customers with not only the best possible technology solution, but the best solution at a human level as well. JupiterOne doesn't hide behind cloudy, murky, vague marketing jargon. We provide actionable value - from free users to the largest enterprises in the world.

At JupiterOne we are excited to release to you our new brand, our new identity, and really put ourselves out there for you to see. As I mentioned in the opening, a brand is just a reflection of who you really are. You can try to hide it, mask it, make others think that it's something that it's not, but your real brand will always show through. I'm proud to say that JupiterOne is a leader and a firm believer in our values, mission, and vision. I will leave you with a paragraph that exemplifies our true values as a company.

We shine a light and provide complete asset visibility in the cyber security universe. We empower our customers to create order from chaos and embrace a bold new vision of security - not as an inhibitor but as an accelerator for business. We invigorate the industry and inspire our users to recognize the critical importance of their work. We burn as a beacon for those who believe, as we do, that cybersecurity doesn't have to suck.

We are JupiterOne.

I look forward to walking alongside you as you secure your cyber asset universe.

- Tyler Shields, CMO JupiterOne


Posted By Tyler Shields

CMO JupiterOne. Former Forrester analyst. 20+ year veteran of the cyber security world.

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