AWS, Cobalt, & PagerDuty Integrate with JupiterOne to Improve Cyber Asset Context


Silos are a thing of that past. And we truly believe that at JupiterOne. We’re big advocates of creating people-centric solutions that actually connect cyber assets and add context-driven security to teams and workflows.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that three industry partners have added or extended their technology integrations with the JupiterOne’s platform. New integrations with Cobalt, and PagerDuty have been released along with an extension of our existing integration with Amazon Web Services, (AWS)

Here are a few highlights of how our latest integrations can help your team: 

  • AWS: Visualize, monitor, and take action on your entire cloud infrastructure. Combining AWS and JupiterOne means teams get full visibility into their AWS cloud resources, catalogs assets, and automates complex analysis across accounts.

  • Cobalt: Fully automate collection, documentation, and tracking of global infrastructure simplify engagements with security assessment teams and automate the penetration test process. Customers can augment their pentesting assessments and go beyond a single-point-in-time view of their security program.

  • PagerDuty: Track PagerDuty services and users, automating notification and alerting within the JupiterOne platform. Customers can get detailed context for customer on-call and service escalations between their assets and automatically map alerts back to their security policies.

With every new partnership and integration, we are expanding our shared vision to create a more interconnected enterprise security model that is context driven, graph-based and people-centric. As we move forward in 2021 and onward in 2022, the sky's the limit for our growing team, integrations, partnerships, and customers. 

We have an entire universe of cyber assets to help our customers explore and secure. From one person security teams looking for a little help with a specific use case - yes we have a free tier...check it out here - to enterprises building their entire cyber security program on top of JupiterOne’s cyber asset management platform, we are prepared and ready to help each of you. 

Lastly, this announcement is also a call to action for other partners looking to join us in our journey. Reach out to JupiterOne if you want to take part in building a more interconnected security platform.

Read the full press release here. 


Posted By Jennie Duong

Director of Product Marketing at JupiterOne. Eternal cynic and privacy advocate. Prior to JupiterOne, Jennie spent the past three years living, traveling, and working abroad across 25+ countries. She consulted and advised for several B2B cybersecurity and cloud startups.

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