AMA: J1 Query to pull AWS firewall rules


J1_Ambassador Hunter @2x

"Is there a query you can help me with to pull AWS firewall rules?"

--Question from Michael on the J1 Community Slack


Answer from Akash, Solutions Architecture

Hi Michael,

Generally, you can use: Find aws_security_group

Here is a query to specifically return a handful of properties:

Find aws_security_group as sg
 sg.tag.AccountName,, sg.displayName,
 sg.egressRules, sg.ingressRules

Here is a query to return all firewall rule properties for a single security group (if you input the id value):

Find aws_security_group with id = '' as sg
 that allows as rule *
 sg.tag.AccountName,, sg.displayName,
 rule.egress, rule.ingress,
 rule.fromPort, rule.toPort, rule.portRange,
 rule.protocol, rule.description

There are also some more firewall related queries at

Additional response from Sounil, Security

Michael, I’m not sure what specifically you might be looking for, but I had similar questions last week around what egress filtering do we have on our assets. You might want to try variations of the following two queries to find those quickly, in case that’s what you were looking for:

  • FIND aws_security_group THAT ALLOWS >> Internet  (to find those that have no egress filtering)
  • FIND aws_security_group THAT !ALLOWS >> Internet  (to find those that do have egress filtering)

Doing consistent egress filtering would be difficult without having your assets within a VPC, so you can also do queries to find those assets that aren’t in a VPC. For example:FIND Function THAT !HAS aws_subnet

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