AMA: Iterate and return total count of iam users per account


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"How do I iterate over all the accounts and return total count of iam users per account?

I'd like to see it like this:"

accountid iam users
11111111 5
22222222 2
------- ----


--Question from Self Learning on the J1 Community Slack

Answer from J1 Community Member,
Adam Youngberg

Assuming you're using account tagging with your integrations, you can do...

FIND aws_iam_user AS u
u.accountId AS AccountId,
u.tag.AccountName AS AccountName,

(If you're not using account tagging, you can simply omit the line u.tag.AccountName AS AccountName and it will work as originally shown, but I find it's nice to have names with the account IDs.)

Also of possible (mild) interest. When you are only querying one thing, you don't actually have to alias using the AS u-type statement. You can just reference the _type of the thing in the return. It's more verbose, but interesting to know ... so the above would be:

FIND aws_iam_user
aws_iam_user.accountId AS AccountId,
aws_iam_user.tag.AccountName AS AccountName,
COUNT(aws_iam_user) AS IAMUsers

I prefer the original approach above to this one.

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