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" I am trying to build a query that shows any AWS security groups that have ingress rules of 

As of right now I just export our entire list of security groups and filter in a spreadsheet for in the ingress settings but I'd prefer to do this in the platform instead of a spreadsheet.  Can you point me in the right direction?"

--Question from James on the J1 Community Slack


Answer from Austin, Principal Software Engineer

Hi James. You have a few options.

This is the recommended pattern. Specify the relationship direction:

FIND aws_security_group 
THAT ALLOWS << Internet


An alternative is to filter by ingress = true on the relationship:

FIND aws_security_group
THAT ALLOWS AS allows Internet
WHERE allows.ingress = true


Another alternative is to filter directly on the ingressRules property on aws_security_group entities using the string contains operator (~):

FIND aws_security_group WITH ingressRules ~= ""


Thanks for the question. -- Austin

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Posted By Austin Kelleher

Austin Kelleher leads the Integrations team at JupiterOne. His background is in building highly-scalable cloud systems, and he has been recently focused on modeling data for graph-based security analysis. Austin holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Penn State University.

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