2020 JupiterOne Year in Review - Bigger, Better, Easier


Thank you for being part of our growing community at JupiterOne. Sincerely, thanks for your support in 2020 as we continue to grow the J1 universe. We are truly happy you’re with us, and look forward to working with you in 2021. 

Erkang Zheng and the Team at JupiterOne

2020 in Review: Things We are Thankful For

Series A Funding: $19M

The biggest news of the year was in September, when we received $19M in funding led by Bain Capital. This infusion of cash will allow us to expand the team and grow our business into 2021. Recent additions to our talented roster include Tyer Shields (CMO), Brian Kelly (CRO/Head of Sales) and Mark Miller (Community).

JupiterOne 2020 in Review

Key Benchmarks

As we grow our business it’s important to look at our accomplishments. Our growth has been staggering and the results speak for themselves.

  • 23,689,664: Operations per day 
  • 43,894,295: Total number of current entities
  • 70,658,763: Total number of current relationships
  • 1,188: Total number of configured integrations
  • 2,150: Total number of individual users
  • 334: Prepackaged queries
  • 110 total integrations: 31 added in 2020

Engineering Highlights

Integrations and enhancement are part of the roadmap going forward. You can see a comprehensive update on the integrations roadmap. Here are some 2020 highlights of a few of the integrations and tools we now have available: 

  • Insights dashboards – share dashboard publicly to make it accessible to everyone in your company
  • Performance and scale – queries are 4-10x faster compared to one year before
  • Visual Query Builder – create J1 queries in a drag-and-drop interface
  • deferred-maintenance CLI tool – don’t sweat the small stuff, automate it
We’ve continued to focus on developing comprehensive coverage of critical infrastructure in the three major Cloud Service Providers.

Customer Stories

We’re appreciative of the customers who have allowed us to share their story, and hope you will get inspiration from reading about their journeys. Highlights include:

2021 – Looking forward to bigger, better, easier

“Bigger, better, easier for you: that’s our focus for 2021. Here’s how we plan to become the ‘google’ of your cybersecurity assets.” — Erkang Zheng, Founder and CEO

Bigger, Better, Easier: What does that mean for you?

Our focus in 2021 is to provide more data, more integrations, and more scale for the platform. A welcome addition will be “SandBox Data”, a data set that we provide for import, where you can run and test your queries. On our radar for new features and capabilities are historical data analysis, more real time data processing, Kubernetes, and container support with better compliance mapping.

The user experience and app experience are being made easier through refinements in the query language and enhancements to the query experience. Currently you can go to ask.jupiterone.com to access the query library, to see 334 prepackaged queries. We invite you to investigate those queries and then contribute to the library.

For 2021, we are working on ways for people to share their queries directly in the app. Sharing will be available with a click of a button. Your query will be sent to our team for evaluation and then populated into the library with full attribution to you for your contribution.

Our 2021 Commitment: Security as a Basic Right

It is a right, not a privilege to be secure. We are adamant that security should not be optional, it should not only be for companies who can afford a security team. It is a basic right of any development team and company. In 2021, we’ll continue to contribute resources to the community to make that possible. 

GitHub Repositories, Sample Queries and Insight Dashboards

We are building a community of users who want to share ideas around open source tools and best practices. Part of that community is figuring out the best ways to “Embrace the power of the graph.”

Here are some things we’re working on:

  • GitHub Repositories – There are 89 JupiterOne GitHub repositories that you’re welcome to use. If you find one of the repositories useful, let us know by participating with pull-requests and contributions.
  • Sample Queries – In 2021, we will expand the platform to accept your contributions queries, making them available to your peers. We currently have 334 prepackaged queries in the library. https://ask.us.jupiterone.io/.
  • Insight Dashboards – Create insight dashboards, export them and submit them to us for evaluation. If accepted, we’ll populate them into the library, giving you full attribution. When we accept one of your contributions, we’ll send you some cool swag as our way of saying, “Thank you”.  

Thank You For Being Part Of The JupiterOne Community

2021 is shaping up to be a banner year for us and the JupiterOne Community. We look forward to your participation either as a contributor or a consumer of our growing set of resources. You can reach out to us here, on LinkedIn and on Twitter to give us feedback and comments.

Please have a safe and joyful New Year’s.

We’ll see you in January… and beyond. 

Erkang Zheng and the Team at JupiterOne

JupiterOne 2020 in Review


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