AMA: Export YAML Files for Vendors Pulled from SSO Providers

April 22, 2021 | IN Blog, Integrations | BY Erich Smith

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J1_Ambassador Apollo @2x


"I'm digging the patterns on the secops automation. Is there a way to auto-generate (export) YAML files for the vendors that have been pulled from the SSO provider, so we can revision control, and update in bulk?"

--Question from Will on the J1 Community Slack


Answer from the JupiterOne Team

Hi Will. There are a couple things you can do.

1) From the landing, try a query like Find Vendor withtype='mapped_entity' , and download as JSON

2021-04-22 AMA

2) Use the j1 command line tool to perform the same query, which will save a local results.json file with the same values. These values could probably be massaged just a bit, then committed to your git repo. That PR/commit approval would then serve as an indelible record of your vendor approval.

3) The publish script, which uses the J1 cli, should also accept JSON format.


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