AMA: JupiterOne and PagerDuty Webhooks

April 15, 2021 | IN Blog, Integrations | BY George Tang

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J1_Ambassador Apollo @2x


"Any tips/documentation on how to have JupiterOne use PagerDuty? I'm looking for documentation on how to have alerts use PagerDuty webhooks."

--Question from Pete on the J1 Community Slack


Answer from the JupiterOne Team

Hi Pete. There are two options to make use of our webhook option to trigger PagerDuty

You can use J1's webhook trigger to POST to PagerDuty’s incident creation API - this will create a new PagerDuty incident every time the Alert triggers in J1.

If  you want to POST new PagerDuty events to update existing incidents (instead of always creating a new incident), you could create a generic PagerDuty integration for PagerDuty’s Events v1 API - This will give you an integration service_key so you can use J1's webhook trigger to POST to PagerDuty’s Send v1 Event API instead.

Support documentation is located in our Guides and Integrations documentation under PagerDuty.


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